The KK-Scale UG is an international company in the model area and was founded in 2013 by the couple Martina and Martin Kosmann. From the Münsterland, we process your orders and orders of young and oldtimers every day on a 1:18 scale.

Over the past few years, our product portfolio has always expanded in the area of ​​Resine and DieCast models. Our focus is on the production and distribution of various models with a very good price / performance ratio.

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Mercedes Benz 250T S123 1:18 KK-scale model car collectible replica

By: KK-Scale
The W123T (the correct name is S123, S for Station Wagon) was produced 1978 to 1986. For the first time the "Mercedes amongst station wagons" was introduced in fall 1977. Despite extreme surcharges of around 5,000 mark against the already not-cheap sedans, the new variant was well accepted in public. Delivery times of up to two years in 1978 were not unusual. It was built in Bremen same as later also the Mercedes 190 (W201). The S123 was exactly same length of the sedan, unlike the current models, and thus promoted the Stuttgart also. The difference was just in the other boot concept; the 45 degree sloped rear window made equally clear that this Mercedes wanted to be more leisure than craftsmen car. A level control was standard from the beginning. The new body variant were built initially as 230 T, 250 T and 280 TE and 240 TD and 300 TD. In 1980 came the 200 T, 230 TE and 300 TD turbodiesel. For all models alloy wheels were possible to be ordered as an option, only the 280 TE and 300 TD turbodiesel contributed to 1982 headlights in rectangular design. There were no entirely steel bumpers for this car possible. The W123 is one of the most sturdy Mercedes series ever, the - not only in taxi operation - reached a service life of up to 1 million kilometers and more with the original motor. Even the petrol versions were by today's standards extremely solid motors. The reliability and durability of the W123 has up to today a decisive role in the Mercedes-image of high quality, even though it no longer is fully applicable today. We can offer this milestone of automotive history in 1:18 scale approximately in April in colors bluemetallic and red. These are some data from S123 T model: Construction period: 1978-1986 Engine: • gasoline engines: 2,0-2,8 Liter (69-136 KW) • diesel engines: 2,0-3,0 Liter (40-92 KW) Length: 6440-5355 mm Width: 1786 mm Wheelbase: 2795 mm Successor model: Mercedes Baureihe 124
Rs 8,000 Rs 6,999

BMW 3 Series 318i E21 1:18 KK-scale model car collectible replica

By: KK-Scale
The joy of driving, 32 years ago the BMW 3 series began its Triumphal Procession. Size and handling also fit in today's everyday life. With the factory code E21 BMW vehicles of the first 3 Series from BMW are referred to, which came in August 1975 as a successor to the 02 models on the market. The only two-door E21 was deliverable with four-cylinder M10-Engine - also available with a six-cylinder in-line engine M20 from summer of 1977 and was built until December 1983. Probably from the 60s-competitor Glass, the E21 designers had copied the towards-the-driver semicircular curved dashboard. The large round instruments could not be more clearly drawn, the design of the E21 fit directly to the mainstream of that time.
Rs 8,000 Rs 6,999