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AEC Matador Artillery Tractor 1:76 Oxford diecast scale model truck replica

By: Oxford
This AEC Matador artillery tractor is a replica of the vehicle operated by the British and Commonwealth forces in France during WWII, where it was used mainly for towing medium sized guns. The Matador was a typical AEC vehicle of the period, with flat fronted cab to accommodate the crew of one, a curved roof and a canvas backed rear load area. It was a 4 x 4 vehicle with an AEC 7.6 litre engine and a speed of around 30 mph. Used by the British Army Royal Artillery, it is decorated in drab olive with a grey canvas back and features the name 'Gazala' above the split windscreen. The Battle of Gazala, named after a small town about 40 miles from Tobruk in Libya, was an important WWII battle in the Western Desert Campaign, which took place in the middle of 1942. After WWII, the Matador continued in a useful role as a recovery truck and general-purpose contractor vehicle. As a 4 x 4, it was also used for off-road jobs such as forestry and even saw service as a showmans vehicle.
Rs 2,500 Rs 1,799

Scammell Mechanical Horse Van Trailer 1:76 Oxford diecast scale model truck replica

By: Oxford
Bound to be snapped up by 00 gauge railway enthusiasts, particularly those favouring London, Midland & Scottish from any era, this newly liveried Scammell Mechanical Horse Trailer is employed as an Express Parcels Traffic vehicle. Registered ANK 715, the three wheeler cab section is maroon with white LMS lettering. The trailer is also maroon on a black chassis, with the upper sides and roof painted black. The lower sides of the trailer carry the LMS lettering in yellow with ‘LMS Express Parcels Traffic’ printed white against the black upper body. The Scammell was synonymous with railway goods yards for decades with LMS being one of the Big Four prior to the nationalisation of the railways.
Rs 2,000 Rs 1,399

Scammell Scarab Flatbed Trailer RAF 1:76 Oxford diecast scale model truck replica

By: Oxford
The Scammell Scarab was used widely for internal transport within the military and here we see it once more in RAF livery. The body and trailer sides are decorated in dark blue and the model comes with a black chassis, black interior and black mudguards and wheel hubs. With military number plate 19 AN 80, other military markings include the RAF roundel on the front with a crest on the cab doors. The Scammell badge sits proudly at the top of the familiar shaped Scammell radiator with integral single light and incorporating the horse's head, signifying the Scarab's alter ego - the mechanical horse. To round off the vehicle, the flatbed trailer floor has been painted to create a light brown planked effect.
Rs 2,000 Rs 1,399